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Parent Compact

mom with preschooler in her lap play with a tambourine

School-Parent-Student Compact

The purpose of the School-Parent-Student Compact is to communicate a common understanding of school and home responsibilities to assure that every student attains high standards and a quality education at Hoover Elementary School

Hoover School’s Responsibilities ~ We will…

  • Provide a safe and healthy school environment that promotes learning
  • Provide a quality, standards based curriculum
  • Provide quality instruction by highly qualified staff
  • Assign meaningful and challenging assignments and activities
  • Respect cultural, racial, ethnic and socioeconomic differences
  • Enforce Hoover’s HOWL expectations
  • Report to parents about students’ academic progress and behavior concerns
  • Provide at least one individual conference for each student annually
  • Provide individual progress reports to parents at least three times throughout the year
  • Provide parents with ongoing support, encouragement and high quality service
  • Provide access to our staff

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities ~ I will…

  • Support Hoover’s HOWL expectations
  • Set aside a specific time in a quiet place to read and do homework
  • Look over homework assignments to check for understanding
  • Sign and return all papers that require a parent’s or guardian’s signature
  • Encourage positive attitudes toward school
  • Require regular school attendance
  • Attend at least one parent teacher conference as well as other school functions
  • Volunteer in my child’s classroom or during a school activity
  • Contact teachers when questions or concerns arise
  • Ensure my child follows the district dress code
  • Monitor my child’s use of television, video games, and technology

Student Responsibilities ~ I will…

  • Always do my personal best
  • Ask the teacher any questions about school work and homework
  • Take home materials and information needed to complete assignments
  • Read at home
  • Complete homework in a thorough, legible and timely manner
  • Return signed forms
  • Comply with the Hoover HOWL expectations
  • Attend school regularly and on time
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